2016 Shipments of Plumeria

You won’t believe your eyes when you see the “micro plumeria”.

We have some amazing inventory for you to choose from this year.

Even better than in the past which seemed impossible.

Singapore (obtusa)

Extreme success with Singapore plumeria cuttings

Our experiment has now rewarded us with the most beautiful Singapore plumeria cuttings we have ever seen in our 26 years in this business.

Mature Singapore plumeria usually have a very unpredictable branching pattern and shape.  Some people liked the free form and others wanted a more uniform shape.

We now are pleased that we can provide you with either.  Our “uniform” Singapore have a very nice caliper and exquisite shape.

Since Singapore is the most fragrant of all plumeria and the most distinctive in appearance of all plumeria we highy recommend it. We are now declaring ,

“2015, as the Year of the Singapore”.

Be sure and check the new new listings in our singapore section of this website.

Shipping Insurance is now required to protect your plumeria purchase

We are regretful for having to make this change but have reason to believe that we have been scammed on numerous occasions.  One more case where the majority must suffer due to the actions of a few.

$5,000 Reward for information

This is an abomination and we will utilize every avenue available to us to find these low lifes. They had obvioulsy been in the nursery, to know just where the items were that they took and vandalized.   If you are the person who did this, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU AND YOU WILL BE DEALT WITH IN AN APPROPRIATE MANNER.  THAT IS A PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have contacted the Sheriffs Office and will hire a private detective and hunt you down.  Too bad you didnt see the nightvision camera pointed where you broke the limb off the big tree you son of a gun.  You return what you took and the penalty will be much less severe.  If not, I will personally become your worst nightmare and you will rue the day you ever tried to steal from me!!!

The Exotic Plumeria in Tokyo, Japan

The Exotic Plumeria will be pleased very soon to offer our products in Tokyo Japan in the near future. Details with dates and location to come.


Plumeria – Download our new catalog from The Exotic Plumeria

The digital age has now made it possible for us to have a dynamic catalog rather than a static one.  Once the old printed catalog was printed it became almost immediately out of date because we add new varieties quite often.  Once our current catalog is totally loaded on the site we will immediately start adding addtional pages reflecting all varieties added since the last printing.

Spring has sprung for plumeria

The first sign of coming to life is the tip of the branch will start to look “wet” and small claw like looking items will appear which are actually new leaves forming.  This is the time to begin watering and fertilizing.  A small “brussel sprout” looking item may form at the middle if the new claw like leaves which are forming.  This is why we want plumeria.  Flowers are on their way.  This is the beginning of a new inflorescent (flower stalk).  Be careful to mot damage the new tip.  It is incredibly fragile and if broken all the flowers that would have been will not be.

Rooted Plumeria

We have Approximatley 8,000 cuttings and recently rooted plumeria  now available for your shopping pleasure.

Plumeria transition from summer to fall

Information provided here can be applied to most any part of the country taking into account your own weather patterns.

In Florida, our rainy season normally comes to an end in September with the exception of tropical activity which is totally unpredictable. Your plumeria which has been exposed to almost daily rain during the summer is now going to become stressed by the lack of water if you do not supplement mother nature.  Examples of this will be, lower leaves turning yellow literally overnight  Days are now becoming noticeably shorter and there is less energy available to the plant so leaf yellowing is a normal part of their life cycle.  However, letting the plants become dry all of a sudden will speed this process up considerably.

Dry hot humid times after the rainy season are the worst for rust on plumeria.  We have found that regular dousing of the leaves every few days with water will slow the rust problem down considerably.  It seems to rinse the spores off of the leaves.  Try this and you will be amazed.

As the days continue to get shorter your plumeria will have less energy to work with and dormancy will take place no later than December and in some cases earlier, especially  in northern climes of course.  Once the tree has gone dormant it needs no water until spring.  You may give it some while dormant just to keep the soil from becoming too dry to absorb water.

We will update later as we move toward winter.  Try these suggestions, you will be amazed at the results.

Singapore plumeria are rooted and ready to ship

They all have new roots and are thriving and just waiting for you to set them out so they can provide that aromatic fragrance which is the fragrance of Hawaii.