Plumeria cuttings and plants being sold on auction sites!!!!

After having just reviewed the plumeria offerings on a certain auction website I am once again appalled!

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

If you are not familiar with a sofware product called Photoshop you have at least seen what can be done in changing colors of flowers.

At least 40% of what is being offered on this auction  site is “Bogus” to say the least, if not criminal.

Caveat de emptor!! Let the buyer beware.   If you worked hard for your money, don’t get swindled out of it by a thief.

Singapore Plumeria Rooted Plants

We now have hundreds of Singapores rooted and ready for shipment!!!!!

Amazing response to our new plumeria website!

Our new site seems to really have hit the right chord with all of you out there.  Our sales over the same period last year are up a whopping 52% this year.  Thank you for your patronage.  We will continue to offer quality plumeria and respond to the ever changing technology and needs of our customers.   Happy Mothers Day to all those wonderful Mothers out there!!!!

More rooted plumeria available soon

Varieties include, Kapalua, Embers, Madam Poni, Nebels Rainbow, Puu Kahea, Waiola Rainbow, Daisy Wilcox, Pukalani, Paul Weissich to name a few.  Many of these will be multi tipped plants.


Limited number of amazing plumeria cutttings are being made available

KAPALUA – Please note that we have already added some amazing options for the famous orange plumeria, Kapalua.  Options run up as high as 15 growth tips.  They will make amazing trees and are already amazing just to see how full they can be.

EMBERS – We will be adding a great variety of multi tipped options for this strikingly beautiful flower.

NEBELS RAINBOW– We will be adding a great variety of multi tipped options for this strikingly beautiful flower.

IF YOU HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE “THE DESCENDANTS”, there is a beautiful shot of a Nebel’s Rainbow tree with Waikiki Beach in the background at the end of the movie.  It is simply stunning.

New plumeria store and cart are a hit with our customers

We have been able to accommodate a number of suggestions by adding a category for the 20 most fragrant plumeria.

If you have other ideas please share them with us and we will attempt to accommodate your request if possible.

Plumeria Blog posts of 2012 February

New website is up and running on February 23, 2012

Well the switch over to our new shopping cart and web store is complete and we could not be more pleased.  Now that it is up and running we will monitor how much interest there is in our blog to see how often we will post various articles and information.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the many new features of our store.  One being the “Virtual Gift Card”.  It works just as if it were a debit card but it is for our store only.  Just email it to anyone you wish to give a gift to and we will take it from there.  We will keep tabs electronically on how much has been used and what is left to be spent with the card.  It is just that easy.  Mahalo

Plumeria Blog posts of 2012 January

Plumeria during the winter

Leaf drop:

We receive calls during the winter saying “My tree dropped all or most of its leaves, what should I do”. Well first of all, this perfectly normal for plumeria. Winter days are shorter, providing less light to the trees, therefore not enough energy to produce leaves and or flowers and consequently leaves drop from the tree.

Cold damage:

Fighting mother nature the last three years has taught us a lot about cold weather and plumeria. Here in west south central Florida historically, we could expect 2 to 3 nights a year for temps to drop around or slightly below freezing. The past two winters we have been down to 25 and even 20 degrees two winters ago for multiple nights. This year so far we have had 2 close calls when it got as low as 30 degrees two nights. Other than those two night we just about have not had any winter. It has been great. I have only warn a coat three days all winter.

I realize this only applies in locales where winter is not too harsh. Watching winter closely for the past 24 years I have come to the following conclusion. Plumeria are pretty cold hardy right around 32 degrees plus or minus a degree or two. Humidity plays a very important part in how plants are affected, the higher the humidity the more possible damage due to the presence of frost and or ice. We have intentionally left plumerias out of greenhouses on freezing nights to see how they would handle the cold. Much to our surprise plants sitting under the canopy of an oak tree received no damage with temperature at 30 degree for many hours. The canopy of the oak tree helped to hold down heat that escapes from the ground on cold nights, much as a greenhouse does. I feel quite confident this would not be the case when the temperatures got to the low 20’s.

Plumeria Blog posts of 2011 November

There will be regular updates to this blog throughout the year on what to expect is going on with your plumeria and many related topics.

I will be sharing from time to time information about growing plumeria and their idiosyncrasies as well as general knowledge about them.