We celebrated 25 years in business in 2014

Nursery founded June 1989

Welcome to our Store for your shopping pleasure

Beginning  November 15, 2015 until March 1, 2016 we will be open by appointment only.

Exciting news.  Coming soon a new website with exciting new features.

 Welcome  to our  internet store and shopping cart.  There are many ways for you to view our plumeria offerings in this our 26th year.  Please note on the left side of this page the many ways you can sort our database of plumeria.   Typically, our un-rooted cuttings are approximately 14 to 16 inches in length, dwarfs slightly smaller.  Rooted plants will be appropriately indicated as such. We typically ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Orders are shipped within 10 days of receipt of order and payment.  We have between 8,000 and 10,000 trees to choose from at any given time. When shipping rooted plants,  leaves may be removed to put less stress on the plant for shipment.  Plumeria leaves return quickly. 

 By popular demand, we are once again offering our plumeria photography to our customers.  Check them out in the Plumeria Photography section.

"2015 is the Year of the Singapore"

  We are a plumeria only nursery with regular operating hours. For those of you fortunate to be within driving distance please, come view from our thousands of trees from 3 to 12 ft.

Free Shipping to USA destinations.

We offer Postal Insurance. Any damage or loss of material

in route to customer is the responsibility of the purchaser,

if they do not purchase Postal Insurance. No exceptions to this policy!

The Exotic Plumeria is now

Tokyo, Japan

International customers, including Canada and Mexico, please note, we have a $500 minimum order and the order will require a phyto certificate (one per order), from the U.S. Dept of Agriculture.    It can be purchased at the "Related Items" link on the left of the page. Be aware prices  do not include the additional shipping required for shipping internationally. Please contact us regarding the additional shipping prior to placing  your order.

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2016 shipments of plumeria - Saturday, February 06, 2016
Some exciting new plumeria are here for 2016. New shipments are arriving daily.
Extreme success with Singapore cuttings - Saturday, February 28, 2015
We have been conducting and experiment with Singapore trees top produce better cuttings in our field in Maui.
Shipping Insurance is now required to protect your purchase - Saturday, September 27, 2014
Beginning October 1, 2014 we will no longer be responsible for any packages once they have left our nursery and in route with the US Postal Service or UPS. You must purchase insurance to insure you are not liable for any damage or loss.
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