Buyer Beware

We have noticed there to be an increasing number of posts on the web including E-Bay where the person or business is

either totally ignorant or attempting to dupe unsuspecting customers, as is so often on the web.

A few examples are

  •  Passing “seedlings” off as  particular varieties, which could not be further from the truth.  In a number of cases even the picture shows what is obviously, to the knowledgeable eye, a seedling, and attempting to pass it of with a specific picture.
  • Photoshopped images  of plumeria with colors and hues manipulated,  e.g. blue plumeria or incredibly bright centers.  This happens most often from foreign countries from Asia.
  • Low pricing with inflated shipping charges

My concern comes from wanting to keep the plumeria business as pure and ethical as possible, especially on the internet which is filled with cons and shysters.  Just know who you are dealing with and protect your hard earned money,