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Singapore (obtusa)

Extreme success with Singapore plumeria cuttings

Our experiment has now rewarded us with the most beautiful Singapore plumeria cuttings we have ever seen in our 26 years in this business.

Mature Singapore plumeria usually have a very unpredictable branching pattern and shape.  Some people liked the free form and others wanted a more uniform shape.

We now are pleased that we can provide you with either.  Our “uniform” Singapore have a very nice caliper and exquisite shape.

Since Singapore is the most fragrant of all plumeria and the most distinctive in appearance of all plumeria we highy recommend it. We are now declaring ,

“2015, as the Year of the Singapore”.

Be sure and check the new new listings in our singapore section of this website.

Singapore plumeria are rooted and ready to ship

They all have new roots and are thriving and just waiting for you to set them out so they can provide that aromatic fragrance which is the fragrance of Hawaii.

Singapore Plumeria Rooted Plants

We now have hundreds of Singapores rooted and ready for shipment!!!!!