The Exotic Plumeria is pleased to announce that we are offering plumeria to nurseries around the country on a wholesale basis. If you desire plumeria cuttings, rooted plants or larger trees please contact us via e-mail (below), with your needs. At any given, time we normally stock approximately 8 to 10,000 trees. We ship via air-cargo, via commercial truck, as well as the USPS. We also accept international orders.


We are pleased to be able to offer most any quantity of cutting you wish, 10,000,20,000,30,000 etc.

The pricing structure is as follows:

Generic plumeria varieties pricing is as follows:
Colors available are pink, white, red, yellow and rainbow

These are all Hawaii grown prime plumeria cuttings approximately 16 inches in length. Quality is far superior to cuttings coming from central America.

                     No color indicated      You pick color and we indicate color
1-100                         3.50              4.00
101-250                     3.25              3.75
251-500                     3.00              3.50
501-1,000                  2.75              3.25
1,001-3,000               2.50              3.00
3,001-10,000             2.25              2.75
10,000- up                 2.00              2.50

Shipping and handling is priced separately and is exactly our cost. There is no markup on shipping.

A different pricing schedule applies for named cultivars.

CRITERIA FOR WHOLESALE PRICING: You must have a nursery license/registration from your state. You must have a sales tax certificate from your state. There is a minimum dollar purchase requirement of $400.

Check out our new fields on Maui Hawaii.

GREAT NEWS! for the world of plumeria. We are pleased to announce a field of plumeria located on Maui, Hawaii. Check us out by clicking on the picture of the field above.

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